Pray For Sound


Without ever uttering a word, Pray For Sound channel music’s curative power through instrumental transmissions of lush post-rock, cinematic production, glistening synth pop, and organic tribal percussion.

With the 2016 arrival of Everything Is Beautiful came further acclaim from Decibel, New Noise Magazine, Heavy Blog Is Heavy, The Examiner, and more as Echoes and Dust predicted, “I am positive that they will cement themselves as giants of the genre.” Not to mention, they canvased Europe on tour and made a triumphant appearance at dunk!festival. In between, the five-piece also delivered the experimental LP, Waiting Room. 2019 sees them evolve yet again and advance on Waves, to be released through A Thousand Arms, Dunk! Records, and Post. Recordings on November 8th, 2019.




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Indianapolis, IN